This is what the International Space Station looks like
as of December, 2002.

1:144 Scale Model of the Station as of December, 2002
The picture above shows the CanadArm riding on the Mobile Base System (MBS), which is attached to the Rail Transporter that can move along the the entire Truss system, now consisting of the P-1, S-Zero and S-1 Truss.  The radiators extend out behind the S-1 and P-1 Trusses (all 6 shown extended - only the center radiator on the S-1 Truss is currently extended).
P-1 Truss Added to the Station, 
December, 2002

The P-1 Truss (shown at the right) was connected to the S-Zero Truss in November, 2002.  Eventually, the truss will extend over 350 feet and carry four huge solar panels and multiple radiators.  The CanadArm2 can attach itself to the Transporter and will be used to transport future assemblies from the Shuttle cargo bay to the ends of the trusses  The radiators will be used to cool the station in the future.

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