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Ken and Halfdome, Yosemite National Park

Virtual Reality Software
International Space Station
This panoramic software can stitch any number of pictures together.  Our 2003 trip us to the Canyonlands of Utah and Arizona.  Below, you can see one of the arches and the incredible red dirt.
In 2002, I stopped by Alliance, Nebraska on my way home from out West to see "Carhenge," a full scale replica of Stonehenge in England, except they used 50's autos instead of large stones. 
I also have two views of Yosemite Valley using this panoramic software.
I've always been interested in space, and in 2001, the college purchased a model of the station.  We are adding the components to the space station as they build it in space - so you can always see just what it looks like up there.  The model is now on display in the Technology Center, and we hope to begin adding additional modules to the station when Shuttle missions resume adding extensions onto the P1 and S1 trusses.
Panorama of Skyline Arch      - 56k modem (dial-up)
360 degree view of Carhenge - 56k modem (dial-up)
Panorama of Yosemite Valley - 56k modem (dial-up)
Larger Version of  Valley        - high speed (cable/DSL)
Artist's Drawing of station at this point

1:144 Scale Model as the station currently looks in space 

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